Great "Wave" Stories

Your stories of great Wave experiences

Everyone has at least one great Wave experience! Maybe it goes back to when you first road in your Dad's Vette and he got a wave from a passing Vette. Maybe it was the first Wave you got when driving your Vette. Whatever it is, we'd like you to share your stories with us and the rest of the Corvette community. Fill out the Contact Us form on the right side of this page and we'll add your story here. Please make sure to specify your name as you would like it to appear on the site, your location as you would like it to appear on the site and your Corvette(s) Year and Color.
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Steve Bardonner, Indianapolis, IN

I have always dreamed of owning a Corvette. My mother used to say that if she didn't know better, she would say that I was born with a Corvette in my hand. Now years later, I was able to buy my dream Vette (1976 Corvette Stingray). By no means is my Vette a show car, but it is mine and I had began fixing it up. I had heard of the WAVE and never thought much about it until one day when I was making my way home from town and it happened... A new C6 Corvette approached from the opposite direction and gave me not only the WAVE but actually turned around for a second look. Wow, what  great feeling! My old Vette was accepted into that special group.

Dennis & Laurie McGill, Sugar Camp, WI

We've had our 55 Gypsy Red for 24 years now, but I still remember the first summer we  drove it from northern Wisconsin  to Iowa.
On interstate 80 near Iowa City several Vettes passed us and waved.

We felt great! But then, they all slowed down and let us pass as they all hung out their windows or stood up in their T-Tops and took pictures.

Robert Fazzio, Medford, NY

It was summer of 2007 and I had just completed the replacement of the interior of my '72 convertible, which I had just purchased in February of that year, and given that the sun was shining under a bright blue sky, decided to take "Dads LT-1" out for its maiden voyage. It was one of those rare mornings in New York where the humidity was low, the wind was soft and gentle and the air was a crisp cool breeze. I had not driven the car since purchasing it as I was waiting until I was done doing my upgrading and replacement. So I pulled out the ragtop from the garage, gave it a nice misting of detailing spray, polished the wheels, wiped down the windshield and fired up the rebuilt '70 LT-1 power-plant that was dropped into the Corvette. After about 20 minutes into the ride, feeling the wind whipping through my hair and enjoying the tunes I was approaching an intersection with a red light. I decided to move into the left turning lane and as I slowly approached the traffic light I dropped the M20 into second gear. I just so happened to look over to my left and noticed two men working on a white C3 Corvette on the driveway. They must have heard the sweet tones radiating from my headers and side-pipes as I was downshifting and both looked up and give me The Wave tagged along with a smile. I immediately returned the favor along with a quick tap of the horn. I then realized that I now belong to an elite group of owners. I promised myself that I will return to that intersection the next season and stop in and say hello to those fellow Corvette owners.

Bill Coke, Clarksville, TN

In 1997, having retired from the military and driving my 77 Vette along I-40, I was headed for Tennessee leaving Oklahoma in my rearview mirror. I came upon three Corvettes on the other side of the interstate across a huge median heading in the direction I just came from. I'm the only Corvette in the area on my side of the road and all the people in these three Vettes were Waving frantically. I of course Waved back. That feeling was a terrific feeling that is kind of unexplainable. Here I am all alone in my packed 77 cruising along at 75 mph and these folks notice me in all the traffic along the opposite side of the Interstate separated by this huge ditch of a median. It was like seeing old friends that you had not seen in a while since this was a long trip (I was many hours into it) and I had not seen many Vettes.