Save The Wave Foam Hand Car Flags

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Colors may vary on your monitor.

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Colors may vary on your monitor.
Foam Hands are $20.00 each With Pole / $15.00 each Without Pole

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Delivery can usually be expected in 7-10 days

These Foam Flags are to be used as display on all Corvettes (or any Classic car or Motorcycle). Perfect for Parades and Car shows! They are available in several different colors to match your car, RED, BLUE, YELLOW, ORANGE, GREY, PURPLE AND GREEN. The flags are approx. 8"x12"x2" and will include our stiff flag pole, that mounts on any window, and have been tested up to 65 mph. All of our flags have our copyrighted logo and design "SAVE THE WAVE", helping to promote the courtesy wave while driving down the road. They can be purchased with or without poles (perfect for car sponges).

Discounts available for quantity purchases.
Great for clubs and show goodie bags! Please contact us for bulk order pricing (use the contact form on the top right of this page).

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